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Welcome to the Global Coalition on Aging

During the 20th century, our lives have been extended by a stunning three decades. The consequences of this “longevity miracle” are even more profound today as many countries experience the combination of low fertility rates and the bulge of the 65+ population: worldwide 450 million people will turn 65 over the next 20 years, thus significantly increasing the proportion of people over age 65 compared to those under. Global aging will have immediate impact on the fiscal sustainability and political stability of nations worldwide. And yet, there has been neither public policy shifts nor social and cultural transformation in how we live that aligns to this truly massive change in human affairs.

The Global Coalition on Aging is committed to a vision where innovative market solutions enabled by progressive public policy create a framework for healthy and active aging. We will shape the public discussion on how policymakers, businesses and society at large can comprehensively address these new demographic realities and apply innovative solutions that recognize the opportunity of global aging.


  Recent News  


HCAOA Releases Report on Value of Home Care
The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) released a report on the growing and critical role of professional home care in the U.S. 


BlackRock Report on Longevity
BlackRock released a new report exploring how longevity changes retirement, investing and the economy.



The Current State of Retirement
This report provides in-depth perspectives on retirees including attitudes about life in retirement, time commitments, living arrangements, and personal finances. 


The Future of Aging
New Milken Institute report features articles by GCOA CEO Mike Hodin and Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Andrew Sieg.


BAML Report on Leisure in Retirement
This study is the latest in a series of in-depth studies focusing on seven life priorities for people as they move to and through retirement


There's Life After 60  
In this Institutional Investor column, GCOA CEO Mike Hodin challenges the investment community to look to longevity as a path toward market leadership.
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Retiring, Boomers & Employers
New TCRS research examines the retirement vision among Boomer workers and employers' involvement in facilitating their transition into retirement.


Destination Healthy Aging
GCOA white paper promotes travel as a path to healthy aging, reveals physical, cognitive and social benefits of traveling across the life course.


Google Glass Explores Aging
GCOA, Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease lead discussion on uses of wearable technology to keep aging population more active and healthier.