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Welcome to the Global Coalition on Aging

During the 20th century, our lives have been extended by a stunning three decades. The consequences of this “longevity miracle” are even more profound today as many countries experience the combination of low fertility rates and the bulge of the 65+ population: worldwide 450 million people will turn 65 over the next 20 years, thus significantly increasing the proportion of people over age 65 compared to those under. Global aging will have immediate impact on the fiscal sustainability and political stability of nations worldwide. And yet, there has been neither public policy shifts nor social and cultural transformation in how we live that aligns to this truly massive change in human affairs.

The Global Coalition on Aging is committed to a vision where innovative market solutions enabled by progressive public policy create a framework for healthy and active aging. We will shape the public discussion on how policymakers, businesses and society at large can comprehensively address these new demographic realities and apply innovative solutions that recognize the opportunity of global aging.

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Report on Europe's Care Crisis 
GCOA report highlights benefits of relationship-based home care and proposes policy actions to support its integration in Europe.


A New Social Contract?
Retirement Readiness Report finds pessimism about future of retirement among today's workers and retirees.


Deloitte Highlights Aging Trend
Report points to aging workforce as a an untapped resource and potential differentiator for organizations.



New Study on Caregiving
First-of-its-kind Merrill Lynch report examines the responsibilities, sacrifices and rewards of caregiving.


A Guide for Financial Wellness
GCOA, BAML and partners released a resource guide based on insights from their Financial Wellness symposium



Digital Silver Forum 2017
The unique one-day event showcased health, technology, and business innovation for $15 trillion Silver Market.


GCOA Paper on Remote Care
GCOA releases a new position paper calling for remote care delivery as a new standard of care.
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New Report on Impact of Bladder Health on Active Aging
Calls for increased awareness, more effective treatments for overactive bladder, a hidden barrier to active aging for millions of older adults.


Caregiving is Risky Business
New research from Transamerica Institute finds caregivers risking their health and finances to care for loved ones.