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Goldhawk Fights Back: Interview with Mike Hodin

July 30, 2013 | Zoomer Radio

Global Coalition on Aging Executive Director Michael Hodin spoke with Dale Goldhawk, host of “Goldhawk Fights Back for You,” a featured show on Canadian radio station, Zoomer Radio. The interview highlighted the Global Coalition on Aging’s recent report, “Life-Course Immunization: A Driver of Health Aging.”

Hodin spoke about the importance of adult vaccination and other preventive measures as a means to promote healthy aging:

“All the data suggests that the benefits far outweigh the risks [of vaccination], and that is certainly the case in adult immunization.  Particularly in the over 80 population, when you have adults who have...risks of pneumococcal pneumonia.  We have preventive vaccines for that.  The risks are far lower than the benefit to the individual and to society...from the health point of view as well as the economic point of view.  My fellow authors (Dr. Javier Garau and Dr. Alexandre Kalache) and I have said that good health policy equals great economic policy.  That is absolutely true in this arena of adult vaccination where you can apply good measures around prevention and prophylaxis.”

To hear Hodin’s full interview, click here.

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