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IAGG 2017: The Longevity Revolution and Its Emerging Economy

Andy Sieg, Head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and Age Wave CEO Ken Dychtwald delivered the keynote “The Longevity Revolution and Its Emerging Economy” in July at last month’s annual 2017 IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics — the largest worldwide conference on aging. IAGG 2017 hosted over 6,000 professionals in gerontology and geriatrics. Kevin Crain, Head of Workplace Financial Solutions at Merrill Lynch, facilitated a lively discussion between the Sieg and Dychtwald on ways the private and not-for-profit sectors can collaborate to help people live long, healthy and productive lives.

With the advent of global demographic aging and many people living and working longer, issues pertaining to longevity, funding for later years and discussions of life priorities in the next phase of their lives are coming to the fore. Together, Sieg and Dychtwald imparted significant insights on how the changing culture of aging is generating exciting possibilities for individuals and opportunities for business and investors in the massive, growing and global longevity economy.

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