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The members of the Global Coalition on Aging are committed to understanding the needs of global aging populations and finding solutions to meet those needs. To that end, their research and programs are helping to shape the global aging debate and the Global Coalition's action plan.

Financial Wellness for Longer Lives: New Approaches to Working and Saving 
New York Academy of Medicine, Global Coalition on Aging, AARP, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2018
The financial wellness guide features insights and action items from the January 18, 2018 symposium “Financial Wellness for Longer Lives: New Approaches to Working and Saving,” which was co-hosted by the Academy, the Global Coalition on Aging, AARP New York, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch at the Bank of America Conference Center.

The New Social Contract: A Blueprint for Retirement in the 21st Century
Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement 2018
The seventh annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey draws on findings from workers and retirees from 15 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The report finds that the "social contract" for retirement is crumbling, and almost half of today’s workers and retirees believe that future generations of retirees will be worse off.

Longevity Economics: Leveraging the Advantages of an Aging Society
Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Gerontological Society of America 2018
According to this new report, older Americans — growing in numbers and diversity — will be key to the nation’s future economic health, but the public and private sectors must adapt to these demographic realities.

Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2018
This report, conducted in partnership with Age Wave, takes an in-depth look at women’s financial journeys over their lifetimes. Women face different and financially complex life journeys than men. These differences are due to factors like caregiving, higher healthcare costs and superior longevity.

Human Capital Trends: The Rise of the Social Enterprise
Deloitte 2018
With more than 11,000 HR and business leaders weighing in, Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends report is the largest longitudinal survey of its kind. The 2018 report identifies the global aging workforce as a critical resource of experience and knowledge that remains largely untapped by the C-Suite and a potentially important differentiator, moving forward.

Here and Now: How Women Can Take Control of Their Retirement
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2018
This report, based on findings from TCRS’ "18th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers," highlights specific areas of opportunity for women (and offers comparisons to men). The report also outlines some of the underlying reasons why women are at greater risk than men of not achieving a secure retirement, such as lower incomes, lower lifetime earnings, time out of the workforce to be a parent or caregiver, and longer life expectancies that drive a need for greater savings.

All About Retirement: An Employer Survey
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2017
For its 17th Annual Retirement Survey, TCRS interviewed more than 1,800 for-profit employers with five or more employees to understand employers’ views on their employees’ future retirement, the extent to which they have business practices to support employees and the current state of retirement benefits offered. 

Successful Retirement - Healthy Aging and Financial Security
Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement 2017
The sixth annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey draws on findings from workers and retirees from 15 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.The report finds that both good financial habits and a healthy lifestyle are critical components of preparing for a successful retirement. 

Retirement Preparations in a New Age of Self-Employment
Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement/Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2017
This first-of-its-kind report assesses the retirement outlook of self-employed people around the world. Based on a survey of 1,600 people across 15 countries, this new report finds that the self-employed have a flexible vision of retirement and face unique challenges in terms of retirement planning.

Are You Ready to Live to 100? Ways to Help You Get (Financially) Fit
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016
This webcast, moderated by Surya Kolluri, Managing Director of Global Wealth and Investment Management, brings together a panel of expert to discuss practical steps that consumers can take to plan for the future in the age of longevity. 

A Retirement Wake-Up Call: The Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey
Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement/Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2016
The fifth annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey analyzes multi-year trends and assesses the retirement expectations of 16,000 workers and retirees in 15 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The report finds a lack of progress in retirement readiness across the globe and recommends several areas warranting focus and attention. 

Leisure in Retirement: Beyond the Bucket List
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016
This study, the latest in a series of in-depth studies focusing on seven life priorities for people as they move to and through retirement, finds that as the baby boomer generation retires en masse to enjoy newfound freedom of time and activities, an estimated 2.5 trillion hours of leisure time will be created among the age 65+ population over the next two decades. This “leisure boom” will have an unprecedented impact on individual lifestyles, families, and leisure marketplaces.

BlackRock Retirement Institute
BlackRock 2016
BlackRock launched the BlackRock Retirement Institute, a global thought-leadership platform that will extend the firm's industry-leading efforts to help clients and the broader community to make better decisions about retirement and longevity.

The Future of Retirement: Redefining Work, Leisure, Money, Purpose and Success
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016
The changing culture of aging is generating exciting possibilities for individuals and opportunities for businesses and investors in the massive, growing and global longevity economy. Andrew Sieg, Managing Director and Head of Global Wealth & Retirement Solutions, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, was a featured panelist at the 2016 Milken Institute Global Conference in a session on the Future of Retirement. The panel explored how the redefinition of retirement will change our lives, communities and institutions.

The Current State of Retirement: Compendium of Findings About American Retirees
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2016
This report, based on TCRS’ first-ever survey of retirees, provides in-depth perspectives on retirees including attitudes about life in retirement, time commitments, living arrangements, and personal finances. The compendium offers more than 50 indicators of retirees’ health and wealth by age range.                                                                                                                                         Transamerica is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEGON N.V.

Aging and Urbanization: Principles for Creating Sustainable, Growth-Oriented and Age-Friendly Cities
McGraw Hill Financial 2016
This solutions-oriented report was created in partnership with the Global Coalition on Aging. The report examines the intersection between two defining demographic trends of the 21st century – rapid urbanization and aging populations – and outlines a set of principles to advance the creation of self-sustaining cities that support residents of all ages.

Active Aging Week
Nestlé Skin Health 2015
Nestlé Skin Health led a campaign during Active Aging Week focused on awareness and education. NSH showcased new fact sheets, videos, how-to guides, educational tools and quizzes to inform Active Aging Week participants about good practices for recognizing and preventing skin conditions and diseases that increase with age, such as skin cancer, dry skin associated with chronic diseases, side-effects of oncologic drugs and even falls. The tools can help individuals take control of their skin health at any age.

The End of Old: A Conversation About Longevity
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2014
The longevity revolution is one of several demographic changes that are transforming the world, affecting not only how we think about our own lives and retirement, but government and society as well. This webcast, moderated by Jane Pauley, and featuring experts including former Senator Bob Kerrey, explores how meeting the challenges of our longer lives—and enjoying the opportunities—will take foresight and planning. 

Healthy People
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson has a long-standing commitment to improve and sustain the health of its workforce. Promoting employee health and wellness makes good business sense, provides personal benefits to the workforce and minimizes overall health care costs.

From Skin Senescence to Skin Cancer – A Focus on Healthy Skin
Senescence is the scientific term for aging. With age, wrinkles appear, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner; drier and paler, and blood vessels become visible. As this process evolves over time, skin health can become compromised leading to conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatis and rosacea. Pigmentary disorders can appear and potentially progress to skin cancer.

Educational Matters: The Impact of Educational Attainment on Worker Retirement Outlook
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies 2010
The survey report highlights how the levels of educational attainment among American workers are strongly correlated to their retirement confidence, as well as their ability to save and plan for retirement. It also makes recommendations for outreach initiatives and public policy, including promoting available tax incentives, improving financial and retirement literacy, and expanding retirement plan coverage, to help improve retirement security among all workers.                                                                                                                                          Transamerica is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEGON N.V.

Sarcopenia: A New Public Health Concern
Danone Institute 2009
From the age of fifty, both the quantity and quality of skeletal muscle begin to fall. Such sarcopenia is characterized by a reduction in muscle mass and strength, leading to a gradual withdrawal from everyday activities and an as-yet poorly evaluated risk to the health of the individual.

Technology for an Aging Population: Intel's Global Research Initiative
Intel Corporation 2008
The ultimate goal of Intel's aging research is to understand the healthcare needs of individuals and their caregivers, and to invent the next generation of systems to support them. By helping people to become more proactive in managing their health, and providing caregivers (both formal and informal) with the tools and information they need to deliver care in any setting, from the home to the hospital, Intel hopes to play an important role in addressing the needs of the coming age wave.

Serving the Aging Citizen
Deloitte Research 2007
By 2011, when the Baby Boom generation begins to reach retirement age, governments from Canada to Japan will enter a new era. As the population and workforce age, governments will have to examine how the growing number of elderly will impact the design and mix of services they offer, the funding sources they rely upon, and the delivery channels they use for citizen services.

Charlie Rose Science Series — Leading Experts in Longevity and Aging
Sponsored by Pfizer Inc. 2007
This episode is an in-depth discussion of longevity and aging, including a look at existing and ongoing studies and the social and economic implications of an increase in human life span. Charlie's discussion includes experts who have contributed to important developments in the science of aging and how research into calorie restriction, anti-aging drugs, and genetic manipulation have led to exciting advances over the past decade.

Diversity and the Baby Boomers
Novartis 2006
As in many developed countries, aging is a key issue in Australia with potentially serious implications for both the national economy (how to socially and financially support more retired people) and society itself. In order to constructively contribute to Australia's policy development on this issue, Novartis Australia conducted a broad-ranging nationwide consultation process to identify key issues and develop various solutions.